About T&R

T&R who we are?

 He and She, two Costa Rican (Ticos), joining the call of God upon their lives. Ready to begin a life journey together, sharing our ministry as One. Both live in San Jose, Costa Rica, we are part of the wonderful family call: YWAM San Jose, serving  Full-time  as Missionaries working in different areas in the ministry of our Base. God has lead us as a family to this full time missionary calling and every day that goes by ,we find confirmation that this is the place He has for us . Tony & Rosse are excited to walk in obedience to response to the call

“Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations” Matthew 28:19.

 Both are great friends, enjoy Nature, traveling and a good coffee. Tony has a beautiful son named Samuel, He has 8 years old. Tony and Rosse believe that God work all things together for good.

We love traveling and spending time together!!!!


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