“The time is always right to do what is Right” – Tony&Rosse Update + Click on —>

“The time is always right to do what is Right” Martin Luther king 

We want to share a Project/ministry that born in the heart of God 🙂 A documentary  that expose the reality of human trafficking and prostitution in Central America, as well as bring hope for an escape from this injustice that so many are trapped in.   Their hope is that the documentary can bring freedom to people to talk about sexual abuse, incest, the role of men in society, and the problems of apathy while at the same time inspire young people to live a life that goes beyond themselves.

This documentary project became a ministry in YWAM San Jose, Costa Rica and their vision is to bring awareness about social injustice through the arts and media, and to move people into action. Please share this documentary, keep praying for this guys and our Freedom Street Ministry.
Contact: dealasrotas@gmail.com
Get involved: fsm@ywamsj.org

-March/April Quick Report-

This past month we finished the Bible School Outreach,  in Liberia. We worked with five local churches, teaching in how to study the Bible inductively. Teaching, sharing and investing in the church in Liberia. We saw God opening many doors for us during this time, he gave us favor and passion for his people in Guanacaste.

One Testimony…
God open the door for us to work with a Rehab Center in Liberia ( HOGARES CREA) , that is non Christian center. They study the book of Philemon. It was such wonderful ministry. The first class we gave  them a bible as a present and they cannot believe that now by themself they can keep on learning about who God is… Many of them gave their lives to God for the first time, some of them were afirm in who they really are in Christ… we decide to celebrate with them a graduation night for completing the inductive method in the book of Philemon.  It was a night of declaring destiny and purposes,upon their lives, a graduation to declare in the spiritual….that they are good people free from the chains of addiction- with a purpose and the capacity to do the right thing.


We believe it was a time of planting in solid ground, our hearts are full of anticipation for what the Lord is about to do in the “white city” Liberia is knowm as the white city. As we continue working and developing friendship – partners and ministry in LiBERIA, as well in San Jose in : Church’s + Skate Community + Ywam Costa Rica –  We pray for new oportunnities that Ywam can be a platform for many to be equip and be send to the nations, for the unity in the body of christ, for innovation to extend the kingdom in Liberia, Guanacaste to the nations… 🙂

Unexpected Opportunity : Amsterdam & Germany

We’re invited to attend the : Training Event for the New UofN ( University of the Nations ) Records System ( UofN RS)  in Amsterdam. 
This training was also parallel to the President Gathering meetings. A time of development and laying the foundation for growth and multiplication. During our time of this training & Conference we learned a lot – Truly it was a growing experience for us, we had the opportunity to hear and be part of the new impartation of the new system and what God is doing in the University of Nations, where we are- We’re going as YWAM Global and networking with amazing people…and new friends.
Rosse had the opportunity to connect with the international Ywam registers, get to know better how it works in the different faculties of the University and how we can serve better our region ( CENTRAL AMERICA AND MEXICO)  to see a new wave of young people – this generation not only knowing God more but to been educated to bring transformation to the nations. YWAM SAN JOSE have a calling to open a CAMPUS, of the University of the Nations, to equip and educate people in Central America, to know God and make him known. We’re excited to see this come true and most be part of it 🙂

Rosse and I felt that this was a  great opportunity for us as a couple – to look ahead, all that God is doing in YWAM Costa Rica, the expansion and multiplication in our lives and our ministry.

We want to thank… everyone who supported us and prayed for us  during our time in Holland and Germany ( Tony got the blessing of travel to visit good friends and reconnect with themin Germany) , was amazing… full of great revelation.

PicMonkey Collage

.. as we continue our journey serving the Lord in Costa Rica-  appropriating and keep track of what He is doing, we embrace that change and growth in our lives and ministry. In this season we want to equip ourselves, learn and let him be the one who brings growth to our lives – to be able to extend His kingdom to others anywhere and to be  vessels in God’s hands to bring reconciliation to this fatherless generation.

It was a good time to invest in us, take time to process and pray together, enjoying traveling together….. As we celebrated our Third anniversary of marriage 🙂

la foto-3 16777_10153655840461679_1237162324975595958_n

We want to thank you, once again, for your partnership and friendship, for prayed for us, given to us,
and encouraged us to keep going!!

We invite you to writte us, if you would like to know more about what we’re doing and how to Pray for us!

Love and Pura Vida,

Tony& Rosse Del Rio

From … COSTA ❤

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