“Hope is the seed of Breakthrough… ” Del Rio’s Update!!

“Hope is the seed of breakthrough, if you have TRUE HOPE them breakthrough is inevitable” by bethel church.

Dear Friends & Family around the world,
August is almost over, wow 🙂 as we approach our final quarter of the year, we want to share with you, what God has allowed us to do over the last few months.  God is always looking to take us to higher levels. He wants us to grow and increase in every area. Change is often a catalyst for growth in our lives; it keeps us from getting stuck in a rut,  God will supernaturally open and close doors of opportunity. He will “stir us” out of comfortable situations and stretch us because He loves us too much to allow us to live in mediocrity. He is bringing you new times and seasons so that you will grow and embrace the very best He has in store for you.


June and July was a time to experience a new awakening in the city of Liberia. A move of His Spirit in the streets and communities.
In our last news, we shared our commitment to what God is doing in the city of Liberia. It is our desire to continue serving and testifying his power has he lead us.
Impacto Costa Rica, it is God very intention to bring his presence to many, through sports camps, evangelism, partnering with the local church,mercy ministry and reaching out the local goverment to empower the Youth and children of Guanacaste and Costa Rica. We’re grateful for being able to partner with God’s intentions, as well partner with amazing people who love Jesus.

Impacto Barrio: is a new outreach strategy to reach an entire community, together with the church . Our team of 22 people from Abeline College and San Antonio (Leon Baptism Church), Texas. A team of 15 from Ywam San Jose and many volunteers  together with the purpose of extending the Kingdom of God. Through social work, ministry with children, community projects, distribution of Bibles, worship & intercession in the streets and parks. Mobilizing and equipping the church to go.

This is a Photo glimpse of what we did in 2 weeks, full of miracles of healings, many giving their life to Jesus, 400 bibles, Baseball and soccer sports camps with around 80 kids getting trained and discipled for a  whole week, invading the streets of Liberia during the day and at night with the power of his presence. Homeless ministry, serving, preaching in several churches in Liberia.  We keep on dreaming in God’s desire to see more of this happening in Guanacaste, in Costa Rica and in the nations.


The power of prayer!!!!






The team of IMPACTO BARRIO 🙂 “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity”
Certainly Tony and I were inspired by each of these young people, that without underestimating their ages, they believed in God, every time they  took the streets, they prayed and people received the Spirit of God, they believe the word and healings happened in their eyes.




“Vulnerability is strenght, when you practice it … you become Powerful

We’re grateful with our father, for this two stages in us : breakthrough and vulnerability. It is not comfortable, but it is necessary to be able to embrace growth.   We celebrate after so much work…  as well Samuel’s Birthday.

PicMonkey Collage
  1. We will  be helping out with short terms Mission teams during this next couple months.
  2. We will be planning and serving our  Ywam Central America Region, in a Conference in October, here in San Jose, we’re really excited about this gathering.
  3. Skate Ministry: We will be working with “sociedades biblicas Costa Rica” during the month of September, for the organization of a couples of skate events. We are grateful for all of you and new people that keep on trusting in us and in the skate ministry. More update from the Skate Ministry to come!!!! 🙂

We want to thank you, once again, for your partnership and friendship, for prayed for us, given to us and encouraged us to keep going!!
It is a honor for us to partner with you, God is faithful!

We invite you to writte us, if you would like to know more about what we’re doing and how to Pray for us.

Much love,
Tony and Rosse del Rio

One thought on ““Hope is the seed of Breakthrough… ” Del Rio’s Update!!

  1. Tuanis & muy buena la carta de Noticias! Dios es fiel con sus hijos todo el tiempo!

    Mano otra vara es que en la Confe de Octubre, es en Chepe o Heredia, es que estábamos pensando en que tal vez nos podemos conectar y ser parte un día de la Confe, si funciona y dependiendo de las horas ok! Me avisan a ver que piensan sobre esto ok!

    Tuanis y bendiciones siempre!

    Warner Isaac Del Río B. Missionary & Volunteer YWAM – South Africa


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