ReVoLution Ministry

This is Our Mission and Vision.  Come and Join the Revolution!!!!!



The ministry revolution born of a passion and feel for the young skateboarders of Costa Rica, who to be marked by society, mostly by the fact of having no areas free to practice skateboarding, take their sport to the urban streets.

Our vision is through skateboarding share with these kids about the Gospel and build relationships with them to achieve maximum impact on their lives and demonstrate God’s love through support for the construction of “skate parks”or places where kids can come and play the sport in a healthy and appropriate and where they can grow as people.

Some of the “skateboarders” would not listen to someone who is not in the same lifestyle and so we use the “skateboarding”as a bridge to reach and impact their lives showing God’s love. We are a group of young people as they need something, looking to fill a void with things the world offers but did not find him but in God, our God and our mission is this, take the message to their lives so that they too can be part of our mission and vision.

In order to allow underprivileged children to assume their capacity and talent in good and safe conditions; having the desire to make urban sports activity accessible to all, the Revolution team wishes to achieve an ambitious goal… to know God and to make Him known through skateboard. 

If you’re interested to bring skate teams down to COSTA RICA , check out some of our opportunities… do to ministry…

team from skatelife, Canada







for more info please email:

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