Week One / BCC Outreach: LIBERIA

When we intend to do things on our own, as we want, there is a great possibility usually.. that will not result 🙂 the way we expected. But when we let God take control- the results will be no necessary 🙂

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.“For as the heavens are higher than the earth,So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.

We want to share a quick update of our first week of outreach -BCC in Liberia .. From Monday to Saturday God open up  many doors for us to give and teach tools in how to study the Bible. We are very excited, 5 different churches, youth’s groups, worship teams, Dance teams, woman’s group  and  a rehabilitation center.

PicMonkey Collage

Tierra Deseable Youth’s Group : Bonfire


Bethel Church: “INTIMOS” ( The whole week we gather at 5:00am to seek the Lord, worship and study the bible)



Seed bearing fruit… 🙂

How many times when God ask us to do something, we doubt on the results, we started thinking: why? I think there’s no really effective results if we do…. “this” or “that”, and how often we ended up disobeying God when He simply invites us to be part of … to lead a person to have an encounter with God..   at the end of the day… when we’re tired and finally we did not see  any results  or fruit … we forget what we did it out love and obedience to God … but because our unbelief sometimes we forget completely that is He who bring transformation, through his word.

During our IMPACTO LIBERIA week- in our bible distribution one of our teams visit the house of “madelin” and she was so encourage of the visit.  None of the people that visit her realize the impact of that visit.,..

Now in our BCC outreach in liberia,  we realized that she is attending one of the churches that were working in Impacto……  and is one of the same church’s that we’re working with right now. God is GOOD….!!!

One of the things God is planting in each of us is a “jealous” Love for the church. It is easy to position ourselves in a place of criticize congregations …. but the Church of God is one  … it’s you and me … we feel a heavy weight in our hearts to love and bring hope back to the church. During our time here in Libera we’re sooooooo grateful to see broken people fighting to see the church as “One” in unity…..  to see as “one” families, ministries, marriages…… and the list goes on..

IGNITE ….. with a small action out love… IGNITE …. with a prayer….. IGNITE  in people around you the Love of Jesus…

We invite you to please pray for us.. as we continue to do this work in Liberia, in Costa Rica..

Pray for:

  1.  Direction of the holy spirit- wisdom – and love
  2.  Health and protecion
  3. Finances, we still in need in raise support to be able to pay the expenses during this time.

Pura Vida,


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