Jesus is the Greatest Gift// Merry Christmas from Tony&Rosse :)

This Christmas season, remember that Jesus was, and is, the most precious, befitting gift that was ever given. He is King of kings, Lord of lords, and sacrificial Lamb of God. There is nothing we must pay Him, but He longs for our love and surrender. Gift Him your whole heart today!

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It is our prayer that this time of celebration… Jesus will be the center of everything in your life, family, projects and plans for next year. We pray that Jesus fill and complete each area of your life.

Thank you… for walking with us throughout  this year, right now we’re in the middle of much working environment (Impacto Liberia as well hosting several mission teams that will be in Liberia this week til the second week of January). Ps: we will be posting updates soon 🙂

We are grateful to God for His faithfulness!!!  We’re sending our love and prayers to each of you around the world!!! May the name of  JESUS be exalted!!!!




“Hope is the seed of Breakthrough… ” Del Rio’s Update!!

“Hope is the seed of breakthrough, if you have TRUE HOPE them breakthrough is inevitable” by bethel church.

Dear Friends & Family around the world,
August is almost over, wow 🙂 as we approach our final quarter of the year, we want to share with you, what God has allowed us to do over the last few months.  God is always looking to take us to higher levels. He wants us to grow and increase in every area. Change is often a catalyst for growth in our lives; it keeps us from getting stuck in a rut,  God will supernaturally open and close doors of opportunity. He will “stir us” out of comfortable situations and stretch us because He loves us too much to allow us to live in mediocrity. He is bringing you new times and seasons so that you will grow and embrace the very best He has in store for you.


June and July was a time to experience a new awakening in the city of Liberia. A move of His Spirit in the streets and communities.
In our last news, we shared our commitment to what God is doing in the city of Liberia. It is our desire to continue serving and testifying his power has he lead us.
Impacto Costa Rica, it is God very intention to bring his presence to many, through sports camps, evangelism, partnering with the local church,mercy ministry and reaching out the local goverment to empower the Youth and children of Guanacaste and Costa Rica. We’re grateful for being able to partner with God’s intentions, as well partner with amazing people who love Jesus.

Impacto Barrio: is a new outreach strategy to reach an entire community, together with the church . Our team of 22 people from Abeline College and San Antonio (Leon Baptism Church), Texas. A team of 15 from Ywam San Jose and many volunteers  together with the purpose of extending the Kingdom of God. Through social work, ministry with children, community projects, distribution of Bibles, worship & intercession in the streets and parks. Mobilizing and equipping the church to go.

This is a Photo glimpse of what we did in 2 weeks, full of miracles of healings, many giving their life to Jesus, 400 bibles, Baseball and soccer sports camps with around 80 kids getting trained and discipled for a  whole week, invading the streets of Liberia during the day and at night with the power of his presence. Homeless ministry, serving, preaching in several churches in Liberia.  We keep on dreaming in God’s desire to see more of this happening in Guanacaste, in Costa Rica and in the nations.


The power of prayer!!!!






The team of IMPACTO BARRIO 🙂 “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity”
Certainly Tony and I were inspired by each of these young people, that without underestimating their ages, they believed in God, every time they  took the streets, they prayed and people received the Spirit of God, they believe the word and healings happened in their eyes.




“Vulnerability is strenght, when you practice it … you become Powerful

We’re grateful with our father, for this two stages in us : breakthrough and vulnerability. It is not comfortable, but it is necessary to be able to embrace growth.   We celebrate after so much work…  as well Samuel’s Birthday.

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  1. We will  be helping out with short terms Mission teams during this next couple months.
  2. We will be planning and serving our  Ywam Central America Region, in a Conference in October, here in San Jose, we’re really excited about this gathering.
  3. Skate Ministry: We will be working with “sociedades biblicas Costa Rica” during the month of September, for the organization of a couples of skate events. We are grateful for all of you and new people that keep on trusting in us and in the skate ministry. More update from the Skate Ministry to come!!!! 🙂

We want to thank you, once again, for your partnership and friendship, for prayed for us, given to us and encouraged us to keep going!!
It is a honor for us to partner with you, God is faithful!

We invite you to writte us, if you would like to know more about what we’re doing and how to Pray for us.

Much love,
Tony and Rosse del Rio

“Stop at Nothing” Del Rio’s- May/June Update!!

These last months, have been like: full at “stop at nothing” – between trips: Mexico-Honduras and Nicaragua, ministry opportunities, encounters with God, challenges, dreams and hard work completed, we are grateful to see the hand of God working in our lives. “We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne” Heb 12:2

We must never stop looking to Jesus- ” Stop at nothing” that hinder us to keep on moving -Experiencing the place of “trusting Him in every little thing”  He is the leader of our faith, and he is the one who makes our faith complete. He suffered death on a cross. But he accepted the shame of the cross as if it were nothing because of the joy he could see waiting for him. And now he is sitting at the right side of God’s throne.

MAZATLAN-MEXICO/  YWAM GATHERING:  Tony & Rosse traveled with the purpose of helping and serving our region in different activities: Team Management of the Conference, also Rosse was commissioned as the International Registrar of the University of the Nations for the region of Mexico- Central America and the Caribbean- we did ministry connections ( skate Ministry) as well of getting a great time with old friends of ours.maz

Bible Distribution in Mexico! We had the blessings & opportunity to visit a neighborhood in MAZATLAN, share the word of God and pray for many people in need, 225 families were visited and now have the book that transform the nations in their home.


Our Team!!!unnamed

At the Conference,”Catch the Wave” around 200 Ywamers gather- Rosse was commissioned as the International Registrar for the UofN for Central America- Mexico and Caribeann.


The crew from Ywam San Jose, all together in the Gathering in Mexico!! Have so much fun together!! We love our Ywam Family.


Skate Ministry! Tony and Gerson, got the time of doing outreach in the skate park in Mazatlan. They share their testimony, pray for some of the guys and of course did a skate event.  We’re praying for the ministry down there- for God to open new doors and send people to keep on going!!!


Loren Cunninghan, Our Ywam Founder- we got a great time hearing from him a word about ” the end of bible Poverty… check it out the video from the Conference in Mexico.


Since our time in Liberia, many doors have been open- continue working with the Local Church in Liberia. Last weekend-we traveled to Nicaragua, with the Dance Team from Emmanuel Church- We  plan a mission trip with them – We celebrate the Children Day. We are super-excited to hear the testimonies of these young people and the blessing that it was to serve and share God’s love with the children of Nicaragua.


Rosse, sharing  in the Youth Meeting.

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“We have found three Stages in every great work of God:  First it is IMPOSSIBLE-

Then it is DIFFICULT- Then it is DONE”

by Hudson Taylor

We want to share our gratitude with God- for his love and grace upon our lives, we cannot keep on going without him. Thank you for “stop at nothing” keep your eyes in JESUS!! there’s no other way!! 🙂 We do love you and would love to hear from you! If you click on our website- let us know how we can pray for you!! We hope our lives can be just a piece of encouragment for you!! 🙂

Love, Tony&Rosse Del Rio!!!!

“The time is always right to do what is Right” – Tony&Rosse Update + Click on —>

“The time is always right to do what is Right” Martin Luther king 

We want to share a Project/ministry that born in the heart of God 🙂 A documentary  that expose the reality of human trafficking and prostitution in Central America, as well as bring hope for an escape from this injustice that so many are trapped in.   Their hope is that the documentary can bring freedom to people to talk about sexual abuse, incest, the role of men in society, and the problems of apathy while at the same time inspire young people to live a life that goes beyond themselves.

This documentary project became a ministry in YWAM San Jose, Costa Rica and their vision is to bring awareness about social injustice through the arts and media, and to move people into action. Please share this documentary, keep praying for this guys and our Freedom Street Ministry.
Get involved:

-March/April Quick Report-

This past month we finished the Bible School Outreach,  in Liberia. We worked with five local churches, teaching in how to study the Bible inductively. Teaching, sharing and investing in the church in Liberia. We saw God opening many doors for us during this time, he gave us favor and passion for his people in Guanacaste.

One Testimony…
God open the door for us to work with a Rehab Center in Liberia ( HOGARES CREA) , that is non Christian center. They study the book of Philemon. It was such wonderful ministry. The first class we gave  them a bible as a present and they cannot believe that now by themself they can keep on learning about who God is… Many of them gave their lives to God for the first time, some of them were afirm in who they really are in Christ… we decide to celebrate with them a graduation night for completing the inductive method in the book of Philemon.  It was a night of declaring destiny and purposes,upon their lives, a graduation to declare in the spiritual….that they are good people free from the chains of addiction- with a purpose and the capacity to do the right thing.


We believe it was a time of planting in solid ground, our hearts are full of anticipation for what the Lord is about to do in the “white city” Liberia is knowm as the white city. As we continue working and developing friendship – partners and ministry in LiBERIA, as well in San Jose in : Church’s + Skate Community + Ywam Costa Rica –  We pray for new oportunnities that Ywam can be a platform for many to be equip and be send to the nations, for the unity in the body of christ, for innovation to extend the kingdom in Liberia, Guanacaste to the nations… 🙂

Unexpected Opportunity : Amsterdam & Germany

We’re invited to attend the : Training Event for the New UofN ( University of the Nations ) Records System ( UofN RS)  in Amsterdam. 
This training was also parallel to the President Gathering meetings. A time of development and laying the foundation for growth and multiplication. During our time of this training & Conference we learned a lot – Truly it was a growing experience for us, we had the opportunity to hear and be part of the new impartation of the new system and what God is doing in the University of Nations, where we are- We’re going as YWAM Global and networking with amazing people…and new friends.
Rosse had the opportunity to connect with the international Ywam registers, get to know better how it works in the different faculties of the University and how we can serve better our region ( CENTRAL AMERICA AND MEXICO)  to see a new wave of young people – this generation not only knowing God more but to been educated to bring transformation to the nations. YWAM SAN JOSE have a calling to open a CAMPUS, of the University of the Nations, to equip and educate people in Central America, to know God and make him known. We’re excited to see this come true and most be part of it 🙂

Rosse and I felt that this was a  great opportunity for us as a couple – to look ahead, all that God is doing in YWAM Costa Rica, the expansion and multiplication in our lives and our ministry.

We want to thank… everyone who supported us and prayed for us  during our time in Holland and Germany ( Tony got the blessing of travel to visit good friends and reconnect with themin Germany) , was amazing… full of great revelation.

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.. as we continue our journey serving the Lord in Costa Rica-  appropriating and keep track of what He is doing, we embrace that change and growth in our lives and ministry. In this season we want to equip ourselves, learn and let him be the one who brings growth to our lives – to be able to extend His kingdom to others anywhere and to be  vessels in God’s hands to bring reconciliation to this fatherless generation.

It was a good time to invest in us, take time to process and pray together, enjoying traveling together….. As we celebrated our Third anniversary of marriage 🙂

la foto-3 16777_10153655840461679_1237162324975595958_n

We want to thank you, once again, for your partnership and friendship, for prayed for us, given to us,
and encouraged us to keep going!!

We invite you to writte us, if you would like to know more about what we’re doing and how to Pray for us!

Love and Pura Vida,

Tony& Rosse Del Rio

From … COSTA ❤

Week One / BCC Outreach: LIBERIA

When we intend to do things on our own, as we want, there is a great possibility usually.. that will not result 🙂 the way we expected. But when we let God take control- the results will be no necessary 🙂

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.“For as the heavens are higher than the earth,So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.

We want to share a quick update of our first week of outreach -BCC in Liberia .. From Monday to Saturday God open up  many doors for us to give and teach tools in how to study the Bible. We are very excited, 5 different churches, youth’s groups, worship teams, Dance teams, woman’s group  and  a rehabilitation center.

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Tierra Deseable Youth’s Group : Bonfire


Bethel Church: “INTIMOS” ( The whole week we gather at 5:00am to seek the Lord, worship and study the bible)



Seed bearing fruit… 🙂

How many times when God ask us to do something, we doubt on the results, we started thinking: why? I think there’s no really effective results if we do…. “this” or “that”, and how often we ended up disobeying God when He simply invites us to be part of … to lead a person to have an encounter with God..   at the end of the day… when we’re tired and finally we did not see  any results  or fruit … we forget what we did it out love and obedience to God … but because our unbelief sometimes we forget completely that is He who bring transformation, through his word.

During our IMPACTO LIBERIA week- in our bible distribution one of our teams visit the house of “madelin” and she was so encourage of the visit.  None of the people that visit her realize the impact of that visit.,..

Now in our BCC outreach in liberia,  we realized that she is attending one of the churches that were working in Impacto……  and is one of the same church’s that we’re working with right now. God is GOOD….!!!

One of the things God is planting in each of us is a “jealous” Love for the church. It is easy to position ourselves in a place of criticize congregations …. but the Church of God is one  … it’s you and me … we feel a heavy weight in our hearts to love and bring hope back to the church. During our time here in Libera we’re sooooooo grateful to see broken people fighting to see the church as “One” in unity…..  to see as “one” families, ministries, marriages…… and the list goes on..

IGNITE ….. with a small action out love… IGNITE …. with a prayer….. IGNITE  in people around you the Love of Jesus…

We invite you to please pray for us.. as we continue to do this work in Liberia, in Costa Rica..

Pray for:

  1.  Direction of the holy spirit- wisdom – and love
  2.  Health and protecion
  3. Finances, we still in need in raise support to be able to pay the expenses during this time.

Pura Vida,


New Year/ New Opportunities 2015!

As this new year takes place, we want to celebrate God’s Mercy and love to each of you and to your families. This is how 2015 start for us !!  God has put this word in our hearts for the beginning of this Year :

“We are vessels in his hands”

We understood that His Kingdom is now and is here !! He wants to use us for His Kingdom – Our King desire is that this world can experience his power and Love. That’s our desire for this year – for people to encounter our father!

 IMPACTO LIBERIA COSTA RICA  A full week pack of sports (soccer, baseball, basketball, and skateboarding) doing ministry and sharing the light and the love of Jesus. We feel that God has great intentions with our obedience to move to Guanacaste!!. , Around 2500 homes visited, 350 kids reached for Christ, 91 patients given free medical service in the name of Jesus, a revival at the skate park where over 30 people accepted Jesus, at least one baptism, churches unified in one Spirit, countless souls blessed and impacted, and a city changed for God! We also host a Kingdom Business Conference – 20 business people including 3 pastors in attendance. They are learned about the Kingdom of God in a very practical way. After all, the King and His Kingdom are alive today! The business environment of this world is being transformed to the culture of the Kingdom today. Jesus is pushing back the works of the devil through Impacto Costa Rica in so many areas of the city at this moment: business, church, government, homes, sports, children, medical, etc. Go God!

  Photo/glimpse of IMPACTO LIBERIA- COSTA RICA 2015 !!

10906373_10204302342331165_6430547743526446688_nBible Distribution -2500 families received the word of God 😉10931346_10204307784827224_4699188563746779861_n10923208_10204302348971331_2624509306146163469_n10929565_10204315110370358_2355308571865307695_n

Youth’s conference- Reynaldo Parks, a former international Costa Rican soccer defender, gave a great personal testimony using his jerseys to show where God led him10933883_10204302349171336_3648164495569952821_nFutbol Camp 🙂 10915152_10204275039368608_8125443116428125172_nBaseball Camp 🙂10897865_10204302343811202_6585268919816332230_nSUMMER VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 🙂 10426121_10204296809192840_405332500840441243_n

Basketball Camp 🙂 10537762_1381657422138192_8393492619634139138_nChris Aaron teaching about principles of the Kingdom at the Impacto Costa Rica business conference.

Skate.Seeds.Transformation.Costa Rica/REVOLUTION SKATE MINISRY COSTA RICA

During Impacto Costa Rica we had the blessing of fellowship & partnership with many churches, ministries and friends. Vital Seeds-Impacto and  Tim Byrne (skate Church) from Portland, USA 🙂 . During a whole week we share the message of salvation and love of Jesus in the skate park in Liberia. On Friday afternoon 30 Young people accepted Jesus into their hearts – with a bible included !! Many of them are ready to begin a Discipleship – skate Club Liberia!!!! 🙂 Li Anderson is one of the guys who have walked with us for almost two years, he is from Carpio- Tony invite him to join the camp – this week he decided to be baptized !! 🙂 PicMonkey Collage 10906224_10203230394989541_73142567536308979_n10470845_10203224629005395_34625999619684937_n

Building towards the future

Homes of Hope San Jose  is working and briging transformation in many communities at risk in Costa Rica and  in “Pavas”, San Jose and now has over 15 homes of hope and the spirit in the community is changing. God is being honored and families have hope again. We are not just building homes, we are building towards a better future one family at a time.

Tony and I had the blessing of working this past building in Pavas. Is such a great opportunity to see the kingdom of God being established. The family which was given a new home full of new things, it’s just the beginning of a new life full of not just “things” but of hope and dreams. We’re reflecting not only as our hearts are still broken by seeing  the need – those heart being captive and poverty of many who do not know God personally. This weekend we were part of the team of homes of hope and  God reminded us that a house being built under the angular foundation that is Jesus is a house that will be established for His love and no matter the time or circumstances … that home will keep remain Firm in him. It was a heart-breaking time, in a good sense 🙂 we share with the whole family , Dad&Mom + 7 kids ( one of them in College- but in a difficult circumstance ( she have a scholarship by the local goverment- but is not enough for her) One think that keep me inlove on how God does things is that He uses the least to bless others. This girl out of the new house and all the change that her family is living- she got a new scholarship 🙂

QUE PicMonkey Collage la foto 2-4 unnamed-2

We keep on the mission of Opening new Opportunities for Samuel to enjoy and embrace our Journey!!! 🙂 Oh he had a Blast!!

New Opportunities BCC ( BIBLE SCHOOL OUTREACH) as we mention in our last update- God open the doors for us to bring a team for 2 months and work with the local churches: doing bible teachings- seminars- bible study- and teaching how to use the bible as a tool.

We’re so excited!!!! A team of 7 from: Canada-Chile- Usa -Costa Rica!! with eager to know more God and to make him Known!! We started already with Impacto Liberia!! Is great that after this intense week’s now, we can go back and keep on planting, cultivating and watering the seeds. Is really encouraging for us to see God moving!!!!!!

Check out our new Video from Ywam San Jose!!

Our hearts are very grateful to God for believing in us by Giving us the honor do be his hands and feet !! We have no words to describe how we feel – as we experience the Kingdom of God in Liberia !!!

Is such a privilege to serve our God!!! To see around us and know that God has blessed us with many friends and family that keep on believing in us!!! Keep on praying and supporting us!!

Thank you- for all your love to us!!


Tony&Rosse Update *October-November*

This year is almost over, time flies!!!!  .. it is incredible few months ago we ‘re sharing in our personal site … telling  you all our experiences and blessings of last year … And now one month to finish this year …  How crazy it is…!!!  God has definitely been faithful, his work continues..  his Kingdom is being established and continuing on Earth as it is in heaven. We have no words to describe that although times are tough and this continuous acceleration of this world …. we have a great hope in Him, that He provides  for us the person of the Holy Spirit in our lives, the best and highest quality guarantee / assurance in  life. He is the one  who lead us  to walk in Freedom,  in complete obedience and his truth.

October&November in Review!!!!

 B.C.C ( BIBLE SCHOOL) Week #10!! 

PicMonkey CollageThe bible school has been a great time of revelation and study of God’s word. A challenging time, really busy and tired!!  But  is certainly very rewarding in my personal relationship with Jesus.

These last few weeks we have studied the books of Jeremiah, Revelation, John, Hebrews and others. Personally (Tony) the week  of study  the book of Revelation,  has definitely been one of my favorites, as my perspective of thinking in this book, in the context of the future for today.

God spoke to me a lot , through this book as He is interested in giving us the revelation of this book “today”.

One of the highlights of the last few weeks was also the week that we had to teach, preach and give Bible studies all in one week.   After that we went to Turrialba for a bible reading weekend, in a beautiful place outside the city –  Whole weekend reading the bible.  Was Fun time, not only reading but of fellowship 🙂


We feel grateful for our classmates, we enjoy time not only going deeper into the word, but growing together in our relationship with God.  We have the blessing of having a BBQ in our home and just hang out as friends!



Intercession Times

During our time of intercession as a school, God led us to pray for outreach. God has confirmed for the first time for this school ( after 7 years )  to send an outreach team to Liberia, Guanacaste. We are excited about this time, with high expectations of what we feel will be “preparing the ground” to what God is doing in YWAM San Jose  and in our lives 🙂  A team of 6 of us , will be two months in Liberia with the heart of imparting everything received in  the bible school – Work with local churches, developing bible seminars, work with youth in Liberia and around. When  the school ends  we will be packing up our house and moving to Liberia, super excited after eight years …. finally we will  returne home!!

 We want to ask you to Join our prayer team, december would be a month of transition in the middle of moving our house,  the last two weeks of school, projects and final exams. Rosse also will be transitioning her responsibilities as Personnel coordinator  in our base.
Impacto Liberia, activity that will take place the first week of January, where we are still preparing meetings,planning ..  much work to do.  We do really need prayers, as well as spending the holidays with our families and friends!!!  more than thankful to God for all He has done in us and what’s He is doing …. but super excited for what He will do starting the 2015.

We will be sharing more… as we travel to Liberia  🙂 🙂  More to come!!

10689885_833450116749413_2026039658958972999_nUpdate from Jimmy!!

                           He’s doing well, almost done the first phase of DTS, preparing the team to go! They will be traveling to Kolkata, India for the outreach phase. They will be joining MEGACITIES a Ywam Global project, you can read  more about it:

If you would like to know more how you can help Jimmy, please email us. He is raising $3000.

*Ywam Central America Prasing the Lord Together*

We had the blessing of traveling to Ywam, Nicaragua to join the celebration of the 25 years anniversary. Such a amazing testimony of faithfulness and sacrifice of love and obedience to God.


Don y Barb Johnson’s Ywam Nicaragua Leaders

History of Ywam Nicaragua

Ywam Nicoya, Guanacaste

Rosse was invited to teach in the topic of Spiritual Warfare in  Ywam Nicoya, was her first time teaching in this base, lovely time and sharing with the students, as they move forward to go on outreach.

la foto 1-4

Thanksgiving in Ywam San Jose !!!

We’re so grateful for our Ywam family, for such a diverse and fun living – working community we have…

this us our latest video check it out:

As  we’re heading to the last month of this year, we want to share with you our gratefulness for walking with us in this journey… for all your love and support…  around the world!!

From Germany to Brazil to Canada 🙂 and many others …  all the way… to Costa Rica our tiny but huge nation… we call home!

Thank you!! you’re in our hearts!!  Pura Vida!!

***Tony & Rosse***

Impacto Costa Rica 2015 !! Iniciando en Liberia!!

Impacto Costa Rica (Liberia) seeks to transform all elements of the city of Liberia with the Light and Love of Jesus Christ. God is at work in that city reconciling people to our Heavenly Father through the work of Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit and the faithful work of His saints. Our work is to immerse the city of Liberia in the Light and Love of Jesus Christ during a week of intense and purposeful ministry, involving over 10 local churches in Liberia, over 10 local churches in the US, more than 100 missionaries from the US and 200 missionaries from Costa Rica, several Kingdom ministries including YWAM, many sports coaches and players, business owners and pastors. God is truly assembling a major force for His Kingdom!

1IMPACTOLogoImpacto Costa Rica (Liberia) began with a burden to reconcile the fatherless to our Heavenly Father. This burden led to a significant mission in January 2014 in which over 600 bibles were personally distributed, over 75 children were exposed to the Love of Jesus through baseball and other activities. Evening worship/Gospel services resulted in many salvations and rededications. God gave us favor with local government authorities and church pastors, leading to a unified and productive effort.

God is opening doors for us to connect and partner with amazing friends .

Vital Seed Ministries International  aims to advance the Kingdom of God through highfaith, high-impact, relational efforts involving local churches, businesses and ministries. Vital Seeds’ goal is to effectively synergize and complement both the Church and Business worlds through its thorough understanding of each and its connection with established relational networks. For more info about Vital seeds:  For more information, go to

**JANUARY 5-11  2015 **  Get Involved to:

⇒ Unify and strengthen the local church and encourage them to engage in local missions 

⇒ Door-to-door evangelism and bible distribution –

⇒ Reach the children through vacation bible school –

⇒ Teach the youth the love of Christ through baseball, basketball, soccer and skateboarding camps

( one of our good friends of skate ministry Tim Byrne will join us!!! check it out : 

⇒  City-wide worship, praise and Gospel service nightly in the municipal gym –

⇒  Pastors Conference  – Kingdom Business Conference  – City-wide youth conference.


Tony&Rosse are so excited to see this happening in our beloved Liberia!!

We’re ready to serve the Lord and share his amazing love in Guanacaste.

Tony&Rosse Del Rio * August&September in Review!!


“Stop and consider the wonderful miracles of God” Job 37:14!
!These last months we have thought about this verse in job. Really is not complicated!! Right?? To stop and remember… all the things that God has done in you and through you !! all that He has healed, provided, restored, prepared …. for you!!!! Over and Over again we choose to run into his arms, We choose to obey him… and walk in his will not ours.. is such hard but rewarding LIFE-STYLE!!! We can say He is good !! In the midst of the challenges and adversities from the every day … He is good !! He has promised to always be there !!

“… the wonderful miracles of God…”

Luis Dodero ( Rosse’s Brother) , married in California, was one of the moments where our heart leaps with gratitude to God, to see the hand of God working in our lives. For us it is very important our families are our greatest and most valuable support. It was a beautiful moment for them as a couple,  they celebrate with good friends and family. God keeps His Word !! 


This past month we celebrate 10 years of YWAM San Jose, a beautiful time of celebrating God’s faithfulness !! During this celebration we made a call for new wave of young people who responded to the call of God … to GO and fulfill the great commission … many Ticos said yes and amen !! For us…. this is a great response of many years of prayers.. seeing more people of our nation believing God and doing his will.  More than 40 pastors celebrated with us, 300 young people heard from our mission … Bible distribtution ( the kids from our 3 bases went out to share the gospel) …all this just becuase God’s faithfulness.  For us is so such  privilege to be part of this family, called YWAM. We join YWAM in 2008 and has been a season tremendously excited !! This is the link see our video from our 10th anniversary:



Jimmy is in MEXICO!!
God open the doors for jimmy, to go and do his  DTS (Discipleship Training School) in Mexico. As you all know….Tony had been walking and  trying to help him to find better opportunities for his life… and  to grow in his personal relationship with God. We know the potencial in this kid’s life…  God has better things .. 
  God had “possibles” ways …  Jimmy is from La Carpio (one of the dumps trash neighborhood in San Jose)
His first travel to another country … a better chance of life, but even more to go and meet with God for 5 months ….. he is the first in his family,…. doing something like this..  God is even touching  and working in his entire family from his grandmother to his little brother … we’re extremely excited!!! To see the power of love & truth transforming this kid, his family …. and whole community.

Tony & Samuel!! First Trip (another country)  Together!!!

A plus to this is that Tony went with Jimmy to Mexico, and travel with him …. and not only that /// God had even much more…. Tony also went with his son samuel… (his first trip to a other country) .. he ( samuel) got the change to see and experience what his father does as a Missionary, the work and passion that tony have for those who dont know God……. to

First Time for Sammy on a Plane… !!


Viva Mexicooooo!!! They celebrate the Mexican Independence Day !!!

samPura vida!!!! Desde Mexico!!

New Season… Soaking  in God’s word !!! 

la foto-4

The last Trimester of the year, will be a little different for us as a family, but we are very excited to see what God is going to do !!!

Tony, started the school this week :

 Intensive Bible studies (BCC), 3 months, full of intense bible study…  they are 12 students, and this week they started with the book of Acts. We are very excited about this great opportunity, one that Tony has waited for long time.

 Rosse made this school four years ago … and we know it’s important to go deeper in our biblical foundation… for giving greatest steps toward what God has called us to do …


Thank God has provided the money for the school !!

We are praying from now, because we would love to do the practical part of the school: (Bible seminars, teachings, Bible studies, preaching in different churches and places) in Guanacaste next year !!

 Go back home!!  to plant seeds of truth and love in our people to passionate longs for the word of God !!

Some Family/Quality Time in Guanacaste!!! The blessing of traveling in our home town..

” The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden,  like an ever-flowing spring” . Isaiah 58:11



Thank you so much! for all your love and friendship!! We REALLY appreciate all your words and love for us!!

We rejoice to know that our father God, have greater plans for you and for us!! He is good!! He is faithful !! He is greater than anything in this life!!

Thank you for your prayers… Thank you for your kind words of afirmation … Thank you for supporting us and believing in what God is doing through us and in us!!

Tony&Rosse!!!  🙂 🙂