You’ve Got It!

…….his favor lasts a lifetime…” (Psalm 30:5)

A simple word, a sunset …  a reunion with your family … the provision ….. the opportunity to impart on other lives .. the ability to love and be loved … to be grateful …. to love the cultures  …. Just today my heart is so grateful to know and experience God’s favor in my life …
For every moment contains an eternity  … for every revelation of the father in my life ……I want to celebrate today .. Surely your godness and faithfulness will Pursue me all my days …. (Psalm 23:6)
Today we saw 3 young people from 3 different nations  … understand and accept God’s longing for intimacy with them … today  they accepted the Lord Jesus as the Lord of their hearts … and  enter into this new life of intimacy with Jesus …
What a privilege to know that not only the angels .celebrate … but us in our  Xtreme DTS  School in YWAM San Jose, were part of this celebration also!! Thank you Jesus …!!!!

is not amazing? God’s favor is upon your life! just look at the miracle of life … look how much He loves you!  I dare you  to cherish every moment that you can know the love of the Father more intimately ….

Much Love, Tony&Rosse

2 thoughts on “You’ve Got It!

  1. “Amen and hallelujah!!”, say the angels as they celebrate the rescuing of three more souls! I pray that these three experience Jesus in ways they never could have imagined, that they will feel, deeply and profoundly, the extraordinary and everlasting love that the Father desires to lavish upon them! God bless them and protect them from anything the enemy may try to do to get them to doubt their eternal salvation in Jesus Christ!! Praise God!!!


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