Is our God Limitless?

Our God is limitless …. 
These last two weeks, we visit  Talamanca …. indigenous area .. and also puerto Viejo .. area well known for tourism and party…
In God’s plan … was that our school started the outreach in these two areas … of which there are many stories to tell … where we witness the power of God …. 
For a week God gave us the opportunity to minister and serve two indigenous communities  .. and saw 12 people accept Jesus as their savior ….and others reconciliate with God … is incredible to see how God can manifest his love …. when we only have willing hearts …   After we were in Puerto Viejo, week in which the enemy had a lot of resistance …. putting tiredness, and just feeling  simply the opposition of the kingdom of darkness …. but  as we brought the Light of God in that place …. and the word of God that transforms people, communities, nations … and the whole world …

We put 300 Bibles in every home …. in talamanca…..although some  people rejected us…. God is limitless!!!!! God opened doors and hearts …. we saw  people be impacted by the act of give a bible away  …… in public places were reading the Bible aloud powerfull to see our students… stepping in faith …also …. together with Revolution Ministry …. we made a skate event … where we share testimonies and pray for children who are  in risk….drugs and violence… in Puerto Viejo.

Our prayer for this area of ​​Talamanca, is that God continue to send more teams to work hand in hand with skateboarding ministries (Concrete Jungle) and the project of distribution of Bibles ….for the kingdom of God is near ….. and we want that people know God personally. 

Just as the people of Israel … after a journey  in the desert, with all the implication of suffering, mourn, doubt, and want to stop in the road …they received the Promised Land …. so .. we as a team, we experienced adventures same as the people of Israel… but always trusting  in God …. and tomorrow the small world awaits!!!!  in this global event .. such as the Olympics, London 2012 … ..

We are heading tomorrow to London …. and we would love to ASK YOU!!! FOR PRAYER!!!

We are going to be in the London borough of Camden, this is the north of the city center… we really exciting to see God moving… and gathering with hundreds of people that will be there also.. and one same purpose… bringing God’s love and the Gospel of Jesus!!!

Just a quote for you:
“When I try, I fail. When
 I trust, He succeeds.” ― Corrie Ten Boom

May God bless you!!!,

Much love, Tony&Rosse

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