Feliz Navidad!! A todos nuestros Amigos…. around the World :) !!!

We want to send greetings to all our families, friends, supporters, who have supported us during 2012, very grateful to God for all His goodness and His perfect will for our families.

In  this time of celebration, Family and Unity, may God  pour upon your lives every blessings, fill you with His love and continue fulfilling His purposes for each of you.

Dear God, thank you for being our Lord and Father, because for you we live and we are who we are!!!!  To you Lord is  all the glory and honor.

…. ” que su bien y su Misericordia nos seguiran todos los dias de nuestras vidas…. ”     Psalm 23:5-6

We also want to thanks  all our Canadian Friends!! Specially to the Wu Family, Val&Hugh Sanderson, and all who made this trip possible; for all your love, and care during our time in Canada!! Tony and Rosse felt so much love and had a amazing time of sharing, seeking the Lord and enjoying a great time of Family and also a great Canadian weather!! 🙂 Snow!!!

Here are some pics from our weeks in Toronto!!!PicMonkey Collage

And from a white snow…. to white sand……

Feliz Navidad!!! y Prospero Ano Nuevo!! ….Dios les bendiga!!


Much Love,

Tony and Rosse!!

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