Counting our Blessings of 2013!!

Well!!!  Where to start .. our hearts are full of gratitude to our heavenly Father, for his faithfulness and goodness for us and our families during this year. We can not believe we are already in December, but it is a good time to share some moments that stand out for tony & Rosse in this 2013!!

Some Highlights:


Earlier this year, Tony & Rosse took a big step of faith and move into a new house, outside of the YWAM base. Truly a blessing,  to have our own space and develop our culture as a family!

859089_498765903502539_549646947_oReVoLution Skate Ministry:

Throughout this year the Skate Ministry has grown both, creating networks between different organization, churches and  also the influence on local government of our country. The support and credibility that we have received right through the Committee de patinetas , name used for our ministry in Costa Rica.  We have 3 differents skate clubs,  two that we are leading  and one that we support.  Community development taking place, as we are not only investing in kids, but their families as well, and how we are impacting communities through the sport of skateboarding. This last quarter we started English classes with the mom’s. 


Trip To Israel:

A gift from God, a time that left a mark in our lives forever, an new open door to new revelation and God’s call for our marriage, this time certainly was a milestone for us.

Part of our trip was because of  the DTS (discipleship trainning school) , school  that we   lead,  such a great  time  and students .


Ywam SAN JOSE:  One word? …. FAMILY, this year,  We have seen God’s intentions taking place… from seeing more Bibles being distributed around Costa Rica, Ministries  that are fully committed to reach out the broken, and bring hope to those who have lost it. Times of transition and growth, but one thing has remained…. is willing to make known the only one who deserves all the glory: JESUS.

PicMonkey Collage

….and the list can go on, but we recognize that it was not just a good year, but has been a time to grow, & learn and appreciate all those who are part of what we do.Thanks for your continued support. Today, we count as one of our blessings, to see Samuel grow, healthy and happy, and step by step  become part of the calling God has given us.

As this year ends, we invite you to consider supporting us in this new year 2014, by giving “one time gift” or “montly”, our monthly budget is  around $1200,we still need to raise up our income.

We recognize that God is and will remain faithful, but as we are walking in faith, we recognize our financial needs for our family (tony & Rosse are trusting God to grow in numbers 🙂 a baby) as well as our ministry.

Our hearts are so grateful for friends and supporters, who stand with us in prayer and giving. Your partnership, friendship and prayers are making a difference in all that the Lord is doing here in Costa Rica and the nations!



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