“Walking backwards into the Future….”

This last weekend We had the opportunity to travel to panama, for the  celebration of 20th anniversary of YWAM Panama. Along with our  Ywam director, Giacomo Coghi and two of his children, began our trip on Thursday night with a 7 hour trip on the road, spend the night at the border of Panama, and crossed early on Friday, we finally got to the new YWAM chiriqui property, about 2 hours from the border. A  beautiful place in the mountains of Boquete, we got ready to listen and celebrate the many great things God is doing ​​. As expected this celebration was full of diverse nations and cultures, one of the things that highlighted in this celebration,

It was to see the presence of so many different indigenous ethnic groups  gathered, praising the Lord  in the same place . Many of them are parts of  discipleship schools, leadership training  for the purpose of returning to their tribes and extend the kingdom of God among their own

Listening to the story of these heroes of faith, who 20 years ago took the challenge, listened to God and obeyed … without thinking about the implications 20 years later, Richard & Debbi Tracy, who gave everything, for the service of God in Panama. Today their childrens still  are serving the lord, and with them the next generation. Seeing at the multiplication in the work of discipleship, seeing how many  Indigenous have known Jesus, and  walked into a destiny with purpose, redemption and hope … and to see how that legacy that this couple has sown  , listening to the many testimonies…. and stories on how they start…..  made ​​Tony & I  feel really encouraged to know that the work we’re doing is not in  vain !!! that it is worth it… it is about PEOPLE FINDING GOD!!! It is about  bringing God’s kingdom… in any time… is to be a example of his Love. and his Principles.. in the daily basics… … It is about ” giving up” Your PLANS, and trusting God for his better ways… and how HE IS the one who invite us to be part and rejoice in his perfect will..

Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, And have made us kings and priests to our God;
And we shall reign on the earth.”
 Then I looked, and I heard the voice of many angels around the throne, the living creatures, and the elders; and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands,  saying with a loud voice:

“Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
To receive power and riches and wisdom,
And strength and honor and glory and blessing!”

A story ….

Rafael is one of the mens who have challenged me  the most  … a man who does not seek to be recognized … who loves God, and is fighting for his people .. to the presence of God and be free from generational culture and beliefs. Rafael is a pastor, he met YWAM, through the work of YWAM panama, did his DTS, and back to make known God in the midst of mountains, places very far apart for God’s sake… Now  is one the Brave people in God’s hands, one those who see the promise land.. and is willing do to everything to lead his people to his promise land.

…. Now Rafael has helping to plant 12 indigenous churches in differents communities…  walking distance …4 – 5 hours everytime in the jungle of Panama.. . He so humble but soooooo fill of God Joy and love…. to see the love of God moving trought the mountains of Panama. He inspire us A lot!.. Hearing his testimonies, his cry for his own people…  asking  us to pray for him as he continues doing God’s work, without any help, financial,  with his family… I just have not words…

I Invite you to remeber Rafael, and all those that we haven’t met.. but their are up there somewhere in the jungle of Panama.. sharing the truth of God … to those who haven’t heard….


panama1Panamanian natives of the region of Ngobe

panamaTony, Rick Allegretto (Ywam director of Central america) and Tulio (indigenous Leader of the Ywam Base in Chiriqui) 

A great Time of fellowship !!

wordpressGioela&luca our Ywam directos Kids,Praying for the futures leader fo the Nogbe People group, we had a special evening “sushi Night” 

In 2o Years from now….. where I’ll be, or what  I will be doing .. ??

“Walking backwards into the future” 

Maori culture of New Zealand phrase

This time in Panama,  hearing about Rafael’s journey …  was a time  of great revelation and impartation.

…. And this question was released……. in 20 years … where do  you see  yourself… your dreams that God has put in you ..

.. but when you return back to the present … those plans or dreams just disappear….

What are those changes, adjustments and decisions we make in our present in order for those dreams of God in your life be fullfil from today  in 20 years…

Wow … really for us … that expression weighs much more commitment, dedication, sacrifice, faith and increased openness to grow 100% in servant leadership…  We had Just Started!!!!! 🙂

Today we want to encourage and invite you to walk backwards to the future … … trusting God who holds our lives in his hands .. who orders the universe … and the world … who cares for us .. and his passion until   the great Commission is completed …. Our times are in his hands …. to wait 20 years … and finally say ok God! Now yes ! here I’m send me ! Returned today …. to your present and start making the right changes … to  complete the mission that God has placed in your life … in your heart … Come back to the today! and resurrect those dreams …. 🙂

Much Love!!! Tony&Rosse!!!

Pura Vida!!!!


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