Tony&Rosse Del Rio * August&September in Review!!


“Stop and consider the wonderful miracles of God” Job 37:14!
!These last months we have thought about this verse in job. Really is not complicated!! Right?? To stop and remember… all the things that God has done in you and through you !! all that He has healed, provided, restored, prepared …. for you!!!! Over and Over again we choose to run into his arms, We choose to obey him… and walk in his will not ours.. is such hard but rewarding LIFE-STYLE!!! We can say He is good !! In the midst of the challenges and adversities from the every day … He is good !! He has promised to always be there !!

“… the wonderful miracles of God…”

Luis Dodero ( Rosse’s Brother) , married in California, was one of the moments where our heart leaps with gratitude to God, to see the hand of God working in our lives. For us it is very important our families are our greatest and most valuable support. It was a beautiful moment for them as a couple,  they celebrate with good friends and family. God keeps His Word !! 


This past month we celebrate 10 years of YWAM San Jose, a beautiful time of celebrating God’s faithfulness !! During this celebration we made a call for new wave of young people who responded to the call of God … to GO and fulfill the great commission … many Ticos said yes and amen !! For us…. this is a great response of many years of prayers.. seeing more people of our nation believing God and doing his will.  More than 40 pastors celebrated with us, 300 young people heard from our mission … Bible distribtution ( the kids from our 3 bases went out to share the gospel) …all this just becuase God’s faithfulness.  For us is so such  privilege to be part of this family, called YWAM. We join YWAM in 2008 and has been a season tremendously excited !! This is the link see our video from our 10th anniversary:



Jimmy is in MEXICO!!
God open the doors for jimmy, to go and do his  DTS (Discipleship Training School) in Mexico. As you all know….Tony had been walking and  trying to help him to find better opportunities for his life… and  to grow in his personal relationship with God. We know the potencial in this kid’s life…  God has better things .. 
  God had “possibles” ways …  Jimmy is from La Carpio (one of the dumps trash neighborhood in San Jose)
His first travel to another country … a better chance of life, but even more to go and meet with God for 5 months ….. he is the first in his family,…. doing something like this..  God is even touching  and working in his entire family from his grandmother to his little brother … we’re extremely excited!!! To see the power of love & truth transforming this kid, his family …. and whole community.

Tony & Samuel!! First Trip (another country)  Together!!!

A plus to this is that Tony went with Jimmy to Mexico, and travel with him …. and not only that /// God had even much more…. Tony also went with his son samuel… (his first trip to a other country) .. he ( samuel) got the change to see and experience what his father does as a Missionary, the work and passion that tony have for those who dont know God……. to

First Time for Sammy on a Plane… !!


Viva Mexicooooo!!! They celebrate the Mexican Independence Day !!!

samPura vida!!!! Desde Mexico!!

New Season… Soaking  in God’s word !!! 

la foto-4

The last Trimester of the year, will be a little different for us as a family, but we are very excited to see what God is going to do !!!

Tony, started the school this week :

 Intensive Bible studies (BCC), 3 months, full of intense bible study…  they are 12 students, and this week they started with the book of Acts. We are very excited about this great opportunity, one that Tony has waited for long time.

 Rosse made this school four years ago … and we know it’s important to go deeper in our biblical foundation… for giving greatest steps toward what God has called us to do …


Thank God has provided the money for the school !!

We are praying from now, because we would love to do the practical part of the school: (Bible seminars, teachings, Bible studies, preaching in different churches and places) in Guanacaste next year !!

 Go back home!!  to plant seeds of truth and love in our people to passionate longs for the word of God !!

Some Family/Quality Time in Guanacaste!!! The blessing of traveling in our home town..

” The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden,  like an ever-flowing spring” . Isaiah 58:11



Thank you so much! for all your love and friendship!! We REALLY appreciate all your words and love for us!!

We rejoice to know that our father God, have greater plans for you and for us!! He is good!! He is faithful !! He is greater than anything in this life!!

Thank you for your prayers… Thank you for your kind words of afirmation … Thank you for supporting us and believing in what God is doing through us and in us!!

Tony&Rosse!!!  🙂 🙂 

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