Keep Moving!!!!

What a incredible Week!!!! we had many experiences of feeling, seeing and having fun with our God !!!!!!!!

The theme of the week …. IDENTITY IN CHRIST in the middle of the week the students not had the answer yet … of which was their identity.. but as our God knows us so well .. He knows how to touch our hearts …  John Ray, our teacher … was one of the best examples of taking us to the extreme in order to experience who God is … and who we are in Him…

One student, Rachel from USA, shared her testimony … she used an experience that may sounds very simple for you ….. but the way in which God revealed to her where she was putting her identity … and where God wanted to take her .
Thursday morning a group of our  students decided to take a bike ride, Rachel decided to go, knowing she did not know how, did not have much experience … but it was because she wanted to prove that she could be good at everything  that she could be in control …. how hard can it be? But as time went on, God began to speak, she was trembling, she knew that it had no more strength to continue … had been the last in the group … she  began to weep , and God showed himself that day to her , she had chosen to be someone whom God had not calling to be .. that her identity was not how good was to do things  or  received much recognition or how much control could have on their own decisions …. in life.

On Friday we went to Jaco, to have our last class, God had touched hearts already…. Rachel and other students were baptized they took  the better portion!!!!
Living a life with Jesus …. What a Fun and awesone time!!
John Ray said: Our Identity in Christ … is like a bungee jump … but without the rope ….. To live  our life in Him… we must die ….
All I can say …. is that there is nothing better in this world to live this life with Jesus … is to live in the fullness of Joy, Love and  Hope … we found only in Him!!
My prayer for your life today …. is that you want to live your life .. bungee jumping …. but cordless 🙂
Much Love,
Pura Vida!!!!

One thought on “Keep Moving!!!!

  1. Amen! Wow what an encouragement. Makes me remember our cliff jumping experience. In order to get rid of fear or anything thats holding us back, we need to jump! Dying to ourselves and trusting that Jesus is in the water waiting for us!

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