Adventure.Faith.Xtreme!!! that means……

God is in constant communication with their children … every day is an adventure with God.
These couple of weeks our school is experiencing God’s faithfulness … and his sense of adventure….He loves to touch our hearts…., Our students have been learning about the Fatherheart of God .. our teacher, Jack Kody a wonderful man ,who not only teaches but lives a relationship with his heavenly father …. as real and close …  God showed students the importance of restoring our earthly relationships .. in order that we may experience a relationship of which we were created to live … children of God … not Workers, slaves …. but as children … as says in  Galatians 4:6-7 .

 “the image of God that we have flavors  everything we do”

Some of our students felt conviction to write emails, or letters .. to their parents .. to ask for forgiveness …. how wonderful  is that…! God is touching hearts and transforming minds!!

This past weekend, we went water rafting as part of the teaching …

enjoyed a day full of adventure, fun, a little nervous …. but trusting that God was showing us he has control of our lives … and that no matter how difficult it is there at the time  …He is calling us by  our name …!!! come and rest… come and know that I’m God!!

Week # 6, our teacher, Brent Madsen from  New Zealand … Mazathlan base director. Our teaching is Faith and Finance …. a time when God is spreading truth. We are also  preparing for next week to participate in the Central American Regional Conference,  a gathering of Youth with a Mission, that will take place in Nicaragua.

Something very exciting that we want to share!!!!! As we have been seeking God for over a month now and also invited our students is … to seek the Lord on where to go for DTS outreach. With many incredible words from God, we all feel that he has called us to minister in London, England during the Olympic Games. We feel that this will be an amazing opportunity to minister and serve to people from every nation in the world… gathered in one location , at the same time. This is such a unique and exciting opportunity for us, as Adventure DTS, and also as Ywam San Jose, to join this big wave of lovers of Jesus…. this will be july & August. We will keep you update.. on this!!! God is Good!!

Check out this video that shows a bit of it …. May God bless you!!

Much love,


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