“Walking into the unknown”

……Our time in Europe …. we want to share God’s faithfulness …in  our outreach in England and Holland!!!!!!!! Definitely walked into the unknown … reaching out to people and places that only God led us … when God speaks we must obey … During our last week in London, God opened the doors to work in a children’s camp in an urban area of the city … which for a week the only goal is to reach children and teens.. that not know the Lord. It was a great time … and give us a huge opportunity to share with them about God and christian values. Tony: Was Working with teens … God used this time… to be able to share His faith, and how he found God … the boys were curious to know why God has to be in our lives? “Frankie” Only 12 years with a cigar in his hand .. asking all these things .. was the perfect week to hear of the love of God as a father … God had prepared the way …  we trust that we plant seeds that week…

Something curious in the same week…. that blessed us and means a lot to us …is that  we met “DADA” a man of God who lives in London and has a ministry there … but is original from the country of LIBERIA!!!! We pray with Him, share and serve the Lord together … 🙂

“You never know the impact that you make”.. It was constantly what God showed again and again  during our time in Europe .. or sometimes we underestimate what God can do right through our lives … and devalue the power of our testimony …. that is the Power of the Cross in our lives .. Our ministry in the streets, churches, children, elderly …  It was simple Relational Evangelism  … quality time … love language of only listening … that may sound difficult!! these days .. but as it is written … in Rev. .. “That in the last days the love of many will grow cold ..” but we have to … boldly share the Word of God … and what He has done for us…. all our team, students, staff, and Us… experience it!!

Netherlands … a beautiful place with beautiful people. It was our last stop .. just one week … but what God had planned was wonderful .. We were very blessed to minister and share with families .. and friends .. It was a time to give but also to receive …

Especially for Tony & Rosse, a great experience to visit and share with the family of our leader of YWAM San jose, Marjolein Coghi! and also to visit her church .. and share with them what God is doing in YWAM San Jose, but also the fruit of all that they as a nation, church and family have invested in Costa Rica .. God use this time also to evaluate, celebrate our students … and prepare them for their re-entry after 5 months of discipleship and growth in their relationship with God

We thank God first for giving us the opportunity to “Go” for Prepare and Train us for “Disciple” .. the Nations… The one who deserves all the glory … We also want to thank all … family, friends, church , leaders and students ..  who trusted us… for such a Time… and work!!  We are excited .. for all that God let us live during this season .. and for all that is to come these next few months!!!!

Pura Vida!! Mucho Love, Tony&Rosse

P.S: you can watch a video of our sharing time in the church in Holland in this link.. http://www.jozua.nl/downloads/livestream/  Afgeschermd: 1e Samenkomst 26 augustus, 2012 08:57 – 11:15

Also our Xtreme DTS 2012 VIDEO!!


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