…..You alone are God!! Psalms 86

These last two weeks  we have been very sensitive to the voice of God in different thoughts … that we love to share with you!!!

Porque tú eres grande y haces maravillas;
¡sólo tú eres Dios!  Instrúyeme, Señor, en tu *camino
para conducirme con fidelidad.
Dame integridad de corazón
para temer tu nombre.
Señor mi Dios, con todo el corazón te alabaré,
y por siempre glorificaré tu nombre.
Porque grande es tu amor por mí….  Salmos 86:10-11.

Even though we are following  God we often are faced with grave difficulties. Sometimes the answers don’t come quickly, even when we pray diligently, nothings happens immediately. In the end God will respond with godness,forgiveness and compassion to all who call him. We want to encourage you!!!!! .. As you  declare who God is in your life … Believe what your mouth says … because otherwise you will not see any of this reflected in your life. No matter the situation in which you are … Ask God to fill you and guide you … Who is God and experience that in your life …!!!

Pursuing God’s Passion : The Bible teaches over and over again that we’re to help hurting people. I believe that’s God’s passion. He wants us to enjoy our lives and He wants us to have nice things, but He also wants us to remember the poor, the lost and the needy.Sometimes we don’t realize that one person can really make a difference. We can inspire the people around us just by making right choices. And we can change the world through our prayers, our giving, and by reaching out with the love of God to those who are in desperate need.    You and I can fulfill God’s vision for our lives by living with expectant hope and being passionate for the things that He is passionate about in life.

And  with these two thoughts … we are grateful for the blessing of being able to serve God in YWAM and outside as well  .. Tony has been leading a team of New Zealand … and 4 boys received Jesus into their hearts .. very touched by the passion and dedication that they saw  in Tony and the team …. sharing the same passion … skateboarding! but not just that… now.. a relationship with God!!

No more than less .. we want to celebrate The faithfulness of God and the answer to many prayers .. in our personal lives!!! … a few day of celebrating our 7 months of our marriage .. and again experience his great love and favor in our lives … Tony & Samuel could finally enjoy a weekend of great joy … enjoy a time as a father and son….

May God fill you with his favor and Love during this week!! we hope that as you follow our site, we can encourage you!!!!

Much Love,  Tony&Rosse

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