Counting our Blessings of 2013!!

Well!!!  Where to start .. our hearts are full of gratitude to our heavenly Father, for his faithfulness and goodness for us and our families during this year. We can not believe we are already in December, but it is a good time to share some moments that stand out for tony & Rosse in this 2013!!

Some Highlights:


Earlier this year, Tony & Rosse took a big step of faith and move into a new house, outside of the YWAM base. Truly a blessing,  to have our own space and develop our culture as a family!

859089_498765903502539_549646947_oReVoLution Skate Ministry:

Throughout this year the Skate Ministry has grown both, creating networks between different organization, churches and  also the influence on local government of our country. The support and credibility that we have received right through the Committee de patinetas , name used for our ministry in Costa Rica.  We have 3 differents skate clubs,  two that we are leading  and one that we support.  Community development taking place, as we are not only investing in kids, but their families as well, and how we are impacting communities through the sport of skateboarding. This last quarter we started English classes with the mom’s. 


Trip To Israel:

A gift from God, a time that left a mark in our lives forever, an new open door to new revelation and God’s call for our marriage, this time certainly was a milestone for us.

Part of our trip was because of  the DTS (discipleship trainning school) , school  that we   lead,  such a great  time  and students .


Ywam SAN JOSE:  One word? …. FAMILY, this year,  We have seen God’s intentions taking place… from seeing more Bibles being distributed around Costa Rica, Ministries  that are fully committed to reach out the broken, and bring hope to those who have lost it. Times of transition and growth, but one thing has remained…. is willing to make known the only one who deserves all the glory: JESUS.

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….and the list can go on, but we recognize that it was not just a good year, but has been a time to grow, & learn and appreciate all those who are part of what we do.Thanks for your continued support. Today, we count as one of our blessings, to see Samuel grow, healthy and happy, and step by step  become part of the calling God has given us.

As this year ends, we invite you to consider supporting us in this new year 2014, by giving “one time gift” or “montly”, our monthly budget is  around $1200,we still need to raise up our income.

We recognize that God is and will remain faithful, but as we are walking in faith, we recognize our financial needs for our family (tony & Rosse are trusting God to grow in numbers 🙂 a baby) as well as our ministry.

Our hearts are so grateful for friends and supporters, who stand with us in prayer and giving. Your partnership, friendship and prayers are making a difference in all that the Lord is doing here in Costa Rica and the nations!



Tony&Rosse thank God every time we remember you!!

“I thank my God every time I remember you.  I always pray with joy in my every prayer for all of you ,because of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now” Philippians 1:3-5


We not only acknowledge the love, trust and friendship of many, but we recognize that without the body of Christ we would not be able to do what God has called us to do. We do not have the strength and resources… but in Christ we have everything we need. In the midst of our everyday life: at the Ywam base , doing our jobs … , In the ministry of Skateboards on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with each Kid …. is easy to just follow in the ” GO-GO” .. But we are truly bless to have people around the world… that are partnering with us!!!

Today we have many reasons why we thank God … but today we raise a prayer for you!!
Thank you for believing, trust, support, donate and walk with Tony & Rosse ..


Calling God “ABBA, FATHER” / Llamando a Dios “ABBA, PADRE”

c34decdb00b5e716d673eadb9e230108Yesterday, God touched my heart in a way that had never experienced  before … 🙂 God never will repeat  the way to reach  our  heart so that we can   get to know him more and more … that’s Revelation by his spirit!

Tessa: Mommy? what’s your name? ..  ….  a clear  image of a daughter’s relationship with her mother, as she is learning how to  write and the desire of her heart is to learn how to write the name of her mom …..  is clear that the only way in which she calls her mother is mommy!! Tessa has only  4 years old.

Sometimes we walk through deserts in our relationship with God .. often take  long time .., very lonely … and sometimes we get lost and never return to Him .. …God used this image of Tessa, to say to me  …  IF YOU CAN ONLY call me Daddy … and grow in that relationship as a  my Daughter …

We are living in hard times, were our faith is  been taste it, were our image of God is so attacked by problems in church,  unhealthy relatioship’s, by our own consecuenses of bad choices… ect, ect .. … we  walk in our relationship with God called: transactional relationship, “I give you, I do … if you give me…. if you   God fullfil your promises with me… what a tired way to call us Son’s and daughther’s of God… that’s not his heart for us.. that’s why He has giving us the most precious treasure… is his spirit the one who call us… and guide us to all understanding… freedom …

So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him, “Abba, Father.” Romans 8:15-17

Because we have been adopted into God’s family, we are privileged to call him “Abba, Father.” The word abba is an Aramaic word, one that was used by Jesus himself and echoed in the earliest Christian community, which spoke Aramaic (a language close to Hebrew). Abba was a word used by children for their father, something like “daddy” or “papa” today. But it was also a term of respect used by adult children for their fathers. Thus the word abba richly expresses our relationship with God. We are dependent upon him like little children. We are free to run to him as children run to their daddies. Yet we also offer God the highest respect and adult love.

Too often Christians put too much weight on only one aspect of what it means for God to be Abba. Some emphasize the “Daddy” meaning of the word, encouraging us in our intimacy and dependence upon God, but neglecting the respect and obedience we owe him. Others major in the “Father” sense of Abba, calling us to live our lives according to his dictates and for his glory. In truth, our Heavenly Father is both “Daddy” and “Father.” The more we grow in relationship with him, the more we will hold together the diverse ways in which he is a father to us.

When you call God “Father,” what does this mean to you? How might you have a more complete relationship with God as your Abba?

My Abba, what an extraordinary privilege it is to call you Father. How grateful I am that Jesus has invited me into his relationship with you. What a wonder that the Son enables me to be your child as well. Thank you, dear Father, for the relationship I have with you through Christ.

Help me, Lord, to grow in this relationship. May I run to you as a young child to his daddy, enjoying your security and embrace. And may I also live my life out of respect for you. Thank you, dear Father, for the Spirit who helps me to know you as my Abba. What a gift you have given me in the Spirit!   Amen.

Ayer, Dios tocó mi corazón de una manera que nunca había experimentado antes … 🙂 Dios nunca repetirá la forma en que el  tocara  nuestro corazón para que podamos llegar a conocerlo más y más …  esto es la revelación de su espíritu !

Tessa : mami? ¿Cuál es tu nombre? .. …. una imagen clara de la relación de la hija con su madre , ya que ella está aprendiendo a escribir y el deseo de su corazón es aprender a escribir el nombre de su madre ….. Está claro que la única manera en la que ella llama su madre es mami  ! Tessa tiene sólo 4 años de edad.

A veces caminamos a través de desiertos en nuestra relación con Dios .. a menudo toman mucho tiempo .. ,donde estamos completamente solos … y a veces nos perdemos y nunca volvemos a Él. .. … Dios usó esta imagen de Tessa , para decirme … SI TAN ME LLAMARAS  PAPI!! … y crecer en esa relación como mi hija …

Estamos viviendo en tiempos difíciles , donde nuestra fe esta siendo puesta a prueba , donde  nuestra imagen de Dios esta siendo  atacada por los problemas en la iglesia , relaciones no saludables  , por nuestras propias consecuenses de malas decisiones … ect , ect .. … caminamos en nuestra relación con Dios  que la llamamos : relación transaccional, ” yo te doy , yo hago para ti  … si me das …. si Dios respetara sus  promesas conmigo … ¡qué manera mas cansada para llamarnos Hijo y hijas de Dios … eso no es su corazón para nosotros .. es por eso que Él nos ha dando el tesoro más precioso … es su espíritu el que nos llama .. y nos guía  a toda entendimiento …y a  la libertad .. .

¿Así que no habéis recibido un espíritu que te hace esclavos temerosos . En cambio, ha recibido el Espíritu de Dios cuando usted adopta como sus propios hijos. Ahora lo llamamos : “Abba , Padre. ” Romanos 8:15-17

Porque hemos sido adoptados en la familia de Dios , tenemos el privilegio de llamarlo ” Abba , Padre. ” La palabra Abba es una palabra aramea , que fue utilizado por Jesús mismo y se hizo eco en la comunidad cristiana más antigua , que hablaba arameo (lengua cercana al hebreo ) . Abba es una palabra usada por los niños por su padre, algo así como hoy “papa “, “papá ”  . Pero también era un término de respeto usado por los hijos adultos a sus padres .  Así, la palabra abba  expresa nuestra relación con Dios. Nosotros dependemos de él como los niños pequeños . Tenemos la libertad de correr hacia él como los niños corren a sus papás . Sin embargo, también ofrecemos a Dios el más alto respeto y el amor adulto.

Con demasiada frecuencia los cristianos ponen demasiado peso en sólo un aspecto de lo que significa para Dios ser Abba . Algunos enfatizan el significado de ” papá” de la palabra , alentándonos en nuestra intimidad y dependencia de Dios , pero descuidar el respeto y la obediencia que le debemos . Otros importantes en el ” Padre ” sentido de Abba , nos llama a vivir nuestra vida de acuerdo con sus dictados y para su gloria . En verdad , nuestro Padre Celestial es a la vez ” papá” y “Padre . ” Cuanto más crecemos en relación con él , más nos mantenemos juntos las diversas formas en las que es un padre para nosotros .

 Al llamar a Dios “Padre “, ¿qué significa esto para usted? ¿Cómo podría tener una relación más completa con Dios como su Abba ?    Mi Abba ,  es un extraordinario privilegio  llamarte  Padre . Cuán agradecida  estoy de que Jesús me ha invitado a su relación contigo . ¡Qué maravilla que por tu  Hijo me permite s ser tu hija  también. Gracias, querido Padre , por la relación que tengo contigo por medio de Cristo .

Ayúdame, Señor , a crecer en esta relación. Puedo correr hacia ti como un niño pequeño a su padre ,  disfrutar de su seguridad y  abrazo

Gracias, querido Padre, por el Espíritu, que me ayuda a conocerte como mi Abba . ¡Qué regalo que me has dado en el Espíritu ! Amen .

A little glimpse of Israel!!



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” Look, How good and how pleasant it is when brothers love together! It is like the dew of hermon which flows down upon the hills of Zion. Indeed that is where the Lord has decreed a blessing will be available- eternal life” 

Hello everyone!!!! were back!! after a UNIQUE AND AWESONE 5 months of adventure with God, called EXTREME ADVENTURE DTS!!

This last week we came back from our time in Israel, with our dts, and we celebrate our graduation at YWAM SAN JOSE.. we are really grateful with Abba, for all his faithfulnes, …  5 students life’s.. 4 nations  ( Salvador, Bolivia, Costa Rica and USA , now  they have been sent, to complete the purposes of God in their lives, following their dreams of making God known in the spheres of society in which they have been called.

One of the last words that each of them share, when we ask them ” how they can describe in one word this 5 months of DTS? : this is what they said:


each word describe all the revelation and journey that they experience with the Lord, as He restore the Identity that belong to each of them….. 🙂


To God be all the Glory, our Job is more then a dutie.. is a eternal and powerful way of response to God for everything that he has done , is doing and will be done in Tony&Rosse!!!

For us as a Marriage, it was a Time for : IGNITE – something new has been placed in our heart, but for the new to come.. we must lost or let go something else…. for us a chapter as been closed: DTS’s!!! we are deeply happy for this last 6 years that God has using us to lead Discipleship school’s, and how many many extraordinary young people has been part of us.. from so many nations…

We are ready for the NEW!! in God’s heart for us…  exciting time for us in YWAM SAN JOSE, family that we love and that we belong to…. keep around… as we plug in our new season… more to come..  so many cool things are just to start with REVOLUTION SKATE MINISTRY, !!!!

Let His Light shine upon your life today!!!! May God be the strength that you are looking for ….

We’re  Glad that you are searching for the truth and hope that only is found in HIM!!!

Pura Vida!!!


“Actions in heaven begin when someone prays on earth.”M.Lucado

….a thought to ponder:

We live in a loud world.  To get someone’s attention is no easy task. But when someone’s willing to silence everything else so he can hear us clearly, it’s a privilege.  A rare privilege indeed!  You can talk to God because God listens.  Your voice matters in heaven.  He takes you very seriously.  No need to fear that you’ll be ignored. Even if you stammer or stumble, even if what you have to say impresses no one, it impresses God—and He listens. Intently.  Carefully.  Your prayer on earth activates God’s power in heaven, and Scripture says, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  (Matthew 6:10)

Your prayers are honored as precious jewels. You may not understand the mystery of prayer. You don’t need to. But this much is clear:  Actions in heaven begin when someone prays on earth.

This past week,  our discipleship school  (DTS) began, our teaching was about hearing the voice of God. Our seven students were deepening .. into the word of God,  receiving revelation about the precious  art as children of God of  hear his voice every day. There is nothing more exciting in our walk with the Lord, that  invite Him in every area of our lives right through prayer. We had two activities this week were we ask them to look for a spiritual application, a silent retreat, intentional time to find that place of stillness with God … and a high ropes course … in the midst of nature .. at the top of the trees with toucans and monkeys … the perfect scene to hear God say, just trust ….!!!

This reminded us that sometimes we forget that God wants to communicate his intentions … Every day, he draws our attention …he  is creative without repeating his intentions … a sunrise, the singing of the birds, a sunset, a situation, your favorite food … Wow!!!!! … God loves details … the point here is that we are so BUSY  in our daily lives that we unnoticed those details … the question is … if you are looking at those details in your life and hearing what God is saying to you???

Skate Ministry! This week we continue being part of the skate church in La Carpio. The DTS from Denver, USA, were with us doing an event for the kids and sharing testimonies and the  love of God through the skate…




Family Time!!! So grateful for Family and Friends… God is Good!! He knows our heart’s … How much we felt refresh and renew when we can have some family Time… This past couple weeks we went back to Liberia, and had a amazing time…

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At Rincon de la Vieja National Park and Langosta Beach!!!

Thank you so much, for visit our place, and check our news!! We are truly bless to have you as part of our ministry and life!

May God bless you during this week!!! We would love to hear from you.. and to see how much you ponder in The Art of Prayer!!!

Much Love, Tony and Rosse!!!!

Revolution Skate Ministry!! Check out our new Video!!!

This  is a time when we  can say God is faithful … He takes your dreams and skills.. and begins to co-create with you …. The skateboard  in our country … is raising  up a big influence,  that goes beyond..  one that only Jesus can give!!!

It is very exciting to see how the pieces are finally getting together. These last two months have been a time to believe and cling to the call that  God has given us to be an influence on the sport of skateboarding, through different events, skate clubs and building relationships with different organizations ….
One thing that was very cool  is that three weeks ago a church  in La Carpio (poor community in San Jose) which we have been involve and creating skate clubs on the streets, visiting this kids and sharing God love to them , surprisingly this church open the doors for once a week, we can come with this kids to have a  skate church, around 40 kids come every Tuesday to roll their skateboards and listen to the word of God …we believe God has called us to serve each of these kids … without expecting anything from them … only see their lives being transformed by God  love and Skate .

 “Fill up and complete my joy by living in harmony and being of the same mind and one in purpose, having the same love, being in full accord and of one harmonious mind and intention.Do nothing from factional motives [through contentiousness, strife, selfishness, or for unworthy ends] or prompted by conceit and empty arrogance. Instead, in the true spirit of humility (lowliness of mind) let each regard the others as better than and superior to himself [thinking more highly of one another than you do of yourselves]. Let each of you esteem and look upon and be concerned for not [merely] his own interests, but also each for the interests of others. Let this same attitude and purpose and [humble] mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus: [Let Him be your example in humility]”  Filipenses 2: 3-5

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Life is An Echo..

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Our life will determine our daily decisions … and affect not only our lives but those of many around us …

“And walk in love, [esteeming and delighting in one another] as Christ loved us and Gave Himself up for us …. Look Carefully then how you walk! Live purposefully and worthily and Accurately, not as the unwise and witless, but as wise (sensible, intelligent people), 16 Making the Very Most of the Time [buying up each opportunity], Because the days are evil.Therefore do not be vague and thoughtless and foolish, but Understanding and Firmly grasping what the will of the Lord prudently and with discretion] in your Relations with Those of the outside world (the non-Christians), making the very Most of the Time and seizing (buying up) the opportunity “. Ephesians 5.

One of the things that God has been speaking to my life in Ephesians is what the Lord is talking about ..  walking in love .. Seizing every opportunity to influence those who purposely  God  put in the middle of our lifes ….

One of the ministries of YWAM SAN JOSE , “Freedom Street”, which has a heart to reach the community of transvestites and prostitutes in Costa Rica, and also create awareness of the human trafficking problem, … They have a story to tell. … The life of “Izzy” a young man, 21 years,  He prostituted himself for several years …. with a full life in brokenness, loneliness, and contempt of many … who knew him …..  encountered  these ministry partners  on the streets of San Jose … people who  really walk a life in love and compassion …. Izzy heard them …He  let that echo to affect his  life ….. at  the end God brought a complete transformation … He leave the streets and began to know God in a personal way …. unfortunately He discovered a few months ago that he had AIDS, and this week he died … we know that he is with the Lord, but not only that … but God is using this young Relevant life  to  Affect the whole community of prostitutes and transvestites who knew, who worked with … and they could see the change …. that happens  in his life … through the Love of God …Now They can  heard the echo of Love …

We got to know him, maybe we felt sad because He was so young… but makes us so happy to know that God is a God of purpose … and advises us that we should not be fools … but wise … in the way that we live and how we are using our time, and talents to reach many … we can understand that everything you do, say, or decide ….. will affect …. many …. as we know that affect for eternity the life of  “IZZY”.

Pura Vida, Tony & Rosse