Lovely Update from London!!

….a brief and lovely Update:
Time has gone so fast … one week to end our time in London and near to the end of this season …  As the Olympics came to an end ….. and the great athletes celebrated their victories … We want to share a little of our victories .. and thank all our friends and family around the world as part of our celebration …

It’s amazing how in times of intercession God showed us his heart for this city …. when we got to London, was a bit difficult at first but God guided us to the right people at the right places …. among Gnostics, mulsumanes, atheists, Jews …. we share the gospel, we saw people touched by his love …. and start a search of absolute truth … His love for the lost ..
We are very excited to see our students walking in faith and courage in the streets of London … approaching … people … and sharing Christ, praying for the sick in the streets, praising God …. giving away coffee … just loving people in the way they are….
Definitely … people are hungry to hear the truth …. are desperate to be loved …..

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is worthy of respect, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if something is excellent or praiseworthy, think about these things.

-Philippians 4:8

Much love,

Tony & Rosse

Is our God Limitless?

Our God is limitless …. 
These last two weeks, we visit  Talamanca …. indigenous area .. and also puerto Viejo .. area well known for tourism and party…
In God’s plan … was that our school started the outreach in these two areas … of which there are many stories to tell … where we witness the power of God …. 
For a week God gave us the opportunity to minister and serve two indigenous communities  .. and saw 12 people accept Jesus as their savior ….and others reconciliate with God … is incredible to see how God can manifest his love …. when we only have willing hearts …   After we were in Puerto Viejo, week in which the enemy had a lot of resistance …. putting tiredness, and just feeling  simply the opposition of the kingdom of darkness …. but  as we brought the Light of God in that place …. and the word of God that transforms people, communities, nations … and the whole world …

We put 300 Bibles in every home …. in talamanca…..although some  people rejected us…. God is limitless!!!!! God opened doors and hearts …. we saw  people be impacted by the act of give a bible away  …… in public places were reading the Bible aloud powerfull to see our students… stepping in faith …also …. together with Revolution Ministry …. we made a skate event … where we share testimonies and pray for children who are  in risk….drugs and violence… in Puerto Viejo.

Our prayer for this area of ​​Talamanca, is that God continue to send more teams to work hand in hand with skateboarding ministries (Concrete Jungle) and the project of distribution of Bibles ….for the kingdom of God is near ….. and we want that people know God personally. 

Just as the people of Israel … after a journey  in the desert, with all the implication of suffering, mourn, doubt, and want to stop in the road …they received the Promised Land …. so .. we as a team, we experienced adventures same as the people of Israel… but always trusting  in God …. and tomorrow the small world awaits!!!!  in this global event .. such as the Olympics, London 2012 … ..

We are heading tomorrow to London …. and we would love to ASK YOU!!! FOR PRAYER!!!

We are going to be in the London borough of Camden, this is the north of the city center… we really exciting to see God moving… and gathering with hundreds of people that will be there also.. and one same purpose… bringing God’s love and the Gospel of Jesus!!!

Just a quote for you:
“When I try, I fail. When
 I trust, He succeeds.” ― Corrie Ten Boom

May God bless you!!!,

Much love, Tony&Rosse

Time to Go!!

No matter how far you go…. never forget where you From….

After 12 weeks of teaching,loving,planting,walking and seeing God transforming the lives of our students… we can say … is time to go…  The miracles of God are at the door… and if you doubt it… here is our testimony… Since the beginning of the school God had spoken about going to London for the Olympics Games… to bring His love and Truth… we needed to believe for 32,000 dollars… and  last friday God provided the money for our team… Miracles of Provision…. Amen!! Not only that… God opened the doors to our school to go also to the caribbean of Costa Rica ( Talamanca & Puerto Viejo) .. and the last week in Holland …. The plans and thoughts of God are definitely better than ours…

Time to Go…. we understand that not us but the power of the testimony that is in us… take us to Europe.. to minister and love those who have lost sense of life and hope. Tony & Rosse are so thankful to God for giving us the opportunity … of getting closer with our Father … even among the test… we know that He called us to disciple the nations…. and that many… family… friends.. supporters …. are going with us… in every adventure… with the Lord…. is a honor to have people that love us and care about our ministry…

You can pray for us?? 

1. For our team.. we will be leaving  this next Monday to Talamanca.. returning on July 21 and leaving to London on the 23th… pray for safe & protection 

2. For divine appointments and the guidance of the holy spirit in each place… 

We declare:

   ” you are a Chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people of his own,                       so that you can proclaim the virtues of the one who  called you out of darkness into his marvelous light ” 1 Pedro 2:9

Ckeck this new video of Ywam San Jose…


Thy Kingdom Come

  Lift up your heads, O your gates; and be you lifted up, you everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. Psalm 24:7

Recently we were in Nicaragua  for our Ywam Conference. Our Anointing as a Ministry is only as great as our Unity. One of our treasured values as Youth With a Mission is our emphasis on covenant relationships. The Kingdom of God is about Right Relationships! This time in Nicaragua was a time of  encouragement with  each other’s giftings and ministries so that we can see God’s Kingdom  established.  Was  a time of unity and anoint our heart and seek strategies that God has for us as YWAMers in Mexico and Central America. It was a great time to praise God and pray together, hear about current trends in missions, and network with others who are working in the region.  Some of our Speakers, Ron Boehme, spoke about  Restoring Conscience and The Fourth Wave: Taking Your Place in the New Era of Missions.  Mark and Gina Fadely ,they  served as YWAM’s first National Director of the region and aslo Mark directed YWAM’s North Africa Center.

We also had the leadership team , leaders and base directors in the region, amazing people who love God… such a example for our lifes.

Rick & Karen Allegretto, they serves as a regional leaders for Central America and Mexico.

One of the things which God, challenge us, is the  4/14 window … which is part of the call that we all have … here’s a video showing the heart of this new awakening for everyone to be part of bringing and planting in the hearts of those who have not beenreach.


  1.  God allowed that Tony traveled to Canada for a week to be part of the SKATELIFE conference in Winnipeg. We know that God is calling us to believe even more …and we know that is a great opportunity for the Ministry of Revolution, which tony is ministering in skateboarding in Costa Rica.
  2. In our Week# 8  in our school, we praise God for all he is doing in each of the student lifes.This past week we learned about spiritual warfare … biblical principles how to live a lifestyle of victory. This next week the subject, the character and nature of God ….
God is Good!!!   is our prayer for all who visit our site …. that the Goodness and mercy of the lord shall follow you ….every day ….!
Much love, Tony&Rosse

Adventure.Faith.Xtreme!!! that means……

God is in constant communication with their children … every day is an adventure with God.
These couple of weeks our school is experiencing God’s faithfulness … and his sense of adventure….He loves to touch our hearts…., Our students have been learning about the Fatherheart of God .. our teacher, Jack Kody a wonderful man ,who not only teaches but lives a relationship with his heavenly father …. as real and close …  God showed students the importance of restoring our earthly relationships .. in order that we may experience a relationship of which we were created to live … children of God … not Workers, slaves …. but as children … as says in  Galatians 4:6-7 .

 “the image of God that we have flavors  everything we do”

Some of our students felt conviction to write emails, or letters .. to their parents .. to ask for forgiveness …. how wonderful  is that…! God is touching hearts and transforming minds!!

This past weekend, we went water rafting as part of the teaching …

enjoyed a day full of adventure, fun, a little nervous …. but trusting that God was showing us he has control of our lives … and that no matter how difficult it is there at the time  …He is calling us by  our name …!!! come and rest… come and know that I’m God!!

Week # 6, our teacher, Brent Madsen from  New Zealand … Mazathlan base director. Our teaching is Faith and Finance …. a time when God is spreading truth. We are also  preparing for next week to participate in the Central American Regional Conference,  a gathering of Youth with a Mission, that will take place in Nicaragua.

Something very exciting that we want to share!!!!! As we have been seeking God for over a month now and also invited our students is … to seek the Lord on where to go for DTS outreach. With many incredible words from God, we all feel that he has called us to minister in London, England during the Olympic Games. We feel that this will be an amazing opportunity to minister and serve to people from every nation in the world… gathered in one location , at the same time. This is such a unique and exciting opportunity for us, as Adventure DTS, and also as Ywam San Jose, to join this big wave of lovers of Jesus…. this will be july & August. We will keep you update.. on this!!! God is Good!!

Check out this video that shows a bit of it …. May God bless you!!

Much love,


Keep Moving!!!!

What a incredible Week!!!! we had many experiences of feeling, seeing and having fun with our God !!!!!!!!

The theme of the week …. IDENTITY IN CHRIST in the middle of the week the students not had the answer yet … of which was their identity.. but as our God knows us so well .. He knows how to touch our hearts …  John Ray, our teacher … was one of the best examples of taking us to the extreme in order to experience who God is … and who we are in Him…

One student, Rachel from USA, shared her testimony … she used an experience that may sounds very simple for you ….. but the way in which God revealed to her where she was putting her identity … and where God wanted to take her .
Thursday morning a group of our  students decided to take a bike ride, Rachel decided to go, knowing she did not know how, did not have much experience … but it was because she wanted to prove that she could be good at everything  that she could be in control …. how hard can it be? But as time went on, God began to speak, she was trembling, she knew that it had no more strength to continue … had been the last in the group … she  began to weep , and God showed himself that day to her , she had chosen to be someone whom God had not calling to be .. that her identity was not how good was to do things  or  received much recognition or how much control could have on their own decisions …. in life.

On Friday we went to Jaco, to have our last class, God had touched hearts already…. Rachel and other students were baptized they took  the better portion!!!!
Living a life with Jesus …. What a Fun and awesone time!!
John Ray said: Our Identity in Christ … is like a bungee jump … but without the rope ….. To live  our life in Him… we must die ….
All I can say …. is that there is nothing better in this world to live this life with Jesus … is to live in the fullness of Joy, Love and  Hope … we found only in Him!!
My prayer for your life today …. is that you want to live your life .. bungee jumping …. but cordless 🙂
Much Love,
Pura Vida!!!!

Our new family for the next 5 Months!!! Adventure DTS 2012!!!!

Nations represented … Chile, Norway, Holland, USA, Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica …..
Starting our third week … with a wonderful theme: Identity in Christ … our speaker John Ray,  from Arkansas …. We are ready to go deep .. and  receive more revelation about our names and our destiny in Christ ….
As we begin this new week, we invite you to pray for each of our students and staff ….. that God will continue touching and transforming every heart.

 “make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.”

Philippians 2:2

You’ve Got It!

…….his favor lasts a lifetime…” (Psalm 30:5)

A simple word, a sunset …  a reunion with your family … the provision ….. the opportunity to impart on other lives .. the ability to love and be loved … to be grateful …. to love the cultures  …. Just today my heart is so grateful to know and experience God’s favor in my life …
For every moment contains an eternity  … for every revelation of the father in my life ……I want to celebrate today .. Surely your godness and faithfulness will Pursue me all my days …. (Psalm 23:6)
Today we saw 3 young people from 3 different nations  … understand and accept God’s longing for intimacy with them … today  they accepted the Lord Jesus as the Lord of their hearts … and  enter into this new life of intimacy with Jesus …
What a privilege to know that not only the angels .celebrate … but us in our  Xtreme DTS  School in YWAM San Jose, were part of this celebration also!! Thank you Jesus …!!!!

is not amazing? God’s favor is upon your life! just look at the miracle of life … look how much He loves you!  I dare you  to cherish every moment that you can know the love of the Father more intimately ….

Much Love, Tony&Rosse